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5 tips for the entrance hall

A tidy, pleasant entrance hall is a source of happiness when coming home and has an inviting effect on guests! So what should you take into account in its design?

Bright floor decors in the entrance hall make the room seem bigger and more welcoming!


It has to be bright!

A brightly designed entrance to your home not only has an inviting appearance, it is also unbelievably practical: Narrow or windowless areas seem significantly bigger with light, a well-lit hall cupboard makes searching easier. The friendly accents of the right lighting can be further reinforced by the use of bright furniture, wall colours and floor decors!

Bright floor decors in the entrance hall make the room seem bigger and more welcoming!


Orderliness is called for!

Entrance halls are a popular place to put all kinds of bits and bobs, from keys and umbrellas to torches and wallets. Even shoes, scarves and clothing are good for stowing away here. Disorder quickly creeps in due to the confined space. Remedy this with trendy coat hooks, ceiling-high hall cupboards and storage shelves which can be mounted onto the wall. Shoe storage systems can also contribute towards orderliness. Quick tip: Preferably keep only seasonal wear ready to hand and banish thick winter coats and boots to the cellar in summer! Calm wall colours and floor decors also contribute towards a tidy appearance in confined spaces!

A tidy entrance hall brightens up your arrival home!

A tidy entrance hall brightens up your arrival home!


It’s allowed to be cosy too!

For older people or children, it is often more straightforward to put on and take off shoes or tight boots while sitting. A padded stool or a small bench with cushions whose colour matches the floor don’t take up much space and adds some comfort. Combine bright, solid colour seating with rustic, dirt-resistant Oak floors and create a cosy and inviting effect!

The entrance hall does not always have to be just a passage room - cosiness is the keyword!

A small bench doesn’t require much space and invites you to sit down!

Floors in the entrance hall have to withstand a lot – a robust covering is therefore important!


Best foundation? A robust floor.

Dirt, little stones and wet shoes are the daily challenges that the hallway is faced with. An easy-to-clean floor covering which resiliently braves everyday life and also looks beautiful is a must. Sealed and moisture-resistant floors, as well as scratch-resistant laminate and design floors are therefore particularly well-suited. They look like stone floors or wooden floors, yet are very comfortable and tough imitations. If the entrance hall merges into a hallway, you can visually create more space by laying a continuous floor decor.

Water-resistant, easy-care and tough floors are suitable for hallways

The right wall design in the hallway brings peace and a homely atmosphere.


Show some personality

For small entrance halls and hallways we recommend mirrors, as they lend width and openness to tight spaces! They are available in all imaginable shapes and borders and can visually enhance the entrance hall. They are also useful for: Quickly checking that everything is in the right place before you leave the house, it never does any harm! In spacious hallways, pictures or paintings on the wall lend a personal touch and create a welcoming effect. In addition, a simple floor decor, like a uniform stone or a calm woodgrain decor should be selected to prevent too much visual disturbance in the hallway.

Pictures and mirrors embellish the walls in the entrance hall


All shown and mentioned decors are reproductions.