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Try calm and comfort

Apartment, Munich (DE)

EGGER Comfort Flooring for your home comfort

Try calm and comfort and allow yourself to relax. “The simple bare necessities,” as Baloo and Mowgli sing in Disney’s famous Jungle Book. This was the way the owners of this private apartment decided to go after experiencing water damage, so they chose the EGGER HOME Comfort Flooring. As its name suggests, this flooring has an exceptional feel-good character and, thanks to the integrated cork layers,

it is warm, soft, and quiet. Moreover, the decor selection EHC010 Sonnberg Spruce, in combination with the owner’s great taste in interior design, adds a special lightness and friendly atmosphere to the space. The new living room invites you to spend a calm and comfortable time in it. Max the tomcat felt good in there right from the beginning!

Products used

Executed by:


Sprint Sanierung GmbH, Nuremberg (DE)

Construction period:

July 2018

Illustration credits:


Customer / Builder:



All shown decors are reproductions.
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