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Strategic development programmes

With our strategic development programmes, we promote our sustainable corporate success and a positive development worldwide.

Objectives of our strategic development programmes:

  • Interesting development programmes for professionals, experts, and line supervisors
  • Need-oriented knowledge transmission
  • Opportunity for life-long learning
  • Group-wide networking
  • Shaping co-operation
  • Optimising customer benefits

Strategic development programmes for employees

The know-how, abilities, and skills of our employees are decisive factors for our lasting success and the positive development of our company. This strategic development programme is the perfect complement to the local offer.

Start Up - Our Graduate Programme
Start Up - Our Graduate Programme

Start Up - Our Graduate Programme

At EGGER we know that trusting networks and international cooperation are becoming increasingly important. Thinking beyond one's own departmental boundaries and understanding transnational contexts are core competencies for some of our positions.

Start Up EGGER is our answer to these requirements.

Professional starters who are in positions where there is an above-average need for fast onboarding, cross-departmental understanding, and international exchange are prepared for their journey with EGGER Start Up.
Start Up participants are involved in their department right from the beginning and take responsibility for their tasks and their development.

During the 12 Start Up months, participants plan independently their development measures. These are a combination of Start Up training courses in an international group, local training courses from the EGGER Campus, job sensing and learning in day-to-day business. During this phase, each participant is supported by their manager and a mentor.

In day-to-day business, there is a mentor available for any questions you may have. In addition, meetings with a learning partner from the Start Up group take place as organised individually.

Testimonials on Start Up

Startklar - Our programme for future executives

Potential future executives are prepared for a possible first management task with this international and English-language programme. This development programme focuses on the principles of employee management, as well as general management principles, including practical implementation in an international context.

Startklar has 3 phases:

  • Management principles
  • International Project
  • Job Sensing
Startklar - Our programme for future executives

Strategic development programmes for executives

The know-how, the communication skills, as well as the emotional intelligence of our executives are crucial for the sustainable success and positive development of our company. Strategic development programmes for line supervisors are based on the requirements of our leadership principles and provide the necessary framework for the further development of personal leadership behaviour.



Based on our EGGER Leadership Principles, we offer a variety of Impuls workshops to promote and develop participants' personal development needs, with the goal to be successful as a leader according to our principles and to contribute significantly to the company's success.

Intensive discussion opportunities with colleagues and networking activities are core elements of the workshop design. The methods vary from face-to-face exercises to group work. Work is always on real practical examples of participants.


Every two years, a leadership conference is organised for our top management. Our management principles, based on our values, our vision, and our corporate strategy form the basis for the two conference days.

Through a mix of topics and different formats, participants are offered a wide selection of content as well as the experience of numerous colleagues and thus plenty of room for exchange and the opportunity to learn from each other.

Spirit - Strategic development programme