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EGGER OSB 4 TOP is a wood construction board with formaldehyde-free bonding, with strong and high load bearing characteristics according to the CE Declaration of Performance DOP-745-01. For the production of up to 40 mm thickness, only softwood strands are used in the highly compacted surface layers, assuring above-average technical characteristics. The wood construction board is also subject to additional voluntary external supervision through Wilhelm-Klauditz-Institut (WKI), Braunschweig.


  • Prefabricated housing
  • Industrial buildings
  • Restoration
  • Passive house construction
  • Dry and wet environments


  • High load capacity
  • Superior dimensional stability
  • Vapour barrier
  • Airtight
  • High edge strength

 Алексей Колокольцев

  • +7 49351 39394

What makes the OSB 4 TOP from EGGER so special

Dzięki swoim wyjątkowym właściwościom płyty EGGER OSB 4 TOP są idealnym produktem do stosowania w budownictwie drewnianym – zarówno w przypadku dachów, ścian, stropów jak i podłóg. Płyty OSB 4 TOP oferują niezawodną i autentycznie trwałą jakość konstrukcji drewnianych:
• usztywnienie
• bezpieczna bariera paroszczelna
• poziom szczelności dzięki gwarantowanej minimalnej przepuszczalności powietrza ≤ 0,12 m³/(m²h) nawet przy najwyższych wymaganiach.

Przegląd zalet w zastosowaniu:

  • Available formats of up to 3.30m length allow ceiling height constructions and enable an economical and cut-optimized wall planking.
  • The EGGER OSB 4 TOP offers a hugher moisture resistance compared to OSB 3 which results in an improved dimensional stability. This leads to more safety on the construction site and in the building.
  • EGGER OSB 4 TOP with straight edges are produced in the thickness range from 12 to 25 mm with a guaranteed raw density of at least 620 kg/m3. As a result, they have a reduced burn-up rate and offer advantages in fire protection certification.
  • It goes without saying that we guarantee all properties through the comprehensive and meaningful CE declaration of performance (DoP) .

OSB 4 TOP is available in different thicknesses

The OSB 4 TOP is available in a wide range of formats and thicknesses. Please refer to our current delivery programme for information.
NOTE: All shown decors are reproductions.