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DHF underlay board

The roof board with proven rain resistance

EGGER DHF is a vapour-permeable, moisture-resistant wood fibreboard with CE certification according to EN 14964 and general building approval Z-9.1-454 for load-bearing purposes. Sawdust and wood chips from timber production are used in its manufacturing. The boards are formaldehyde-free glued and can be supplied in thicknesses of 15mm and 20mm.


  • Stiffening, exterior sheathing
  • Rainproof underlay
  • Underlay for large rafter spacing


  • Vapour-permeable
  • Technical class UDP-A
  • Optimal roof and wall formats
  • Wind-proof
  • UV resistant
  • Hail-proof

This is what makes the EGGER DHFvapour permeable sheathing panel stand out – its advantages in application

The areas of application and properties of DHF panels are listed in the CE declaration of performance (DOP-506). With its properties, the Egger DHF is the suitable vapour permeable sheathing panel for the cladding of roofs and timber frame construction walls.

  • Rainproof vapour permeable sheathing panel , pucture-proof and windproof – three important functions are ensured in a single operation with the EGGER DHF panel.
  • Two months of free weathering of the boards as temporary roofing between March and November give you security in the construction process.
  • DHF panels are puncture-proof and create a walkable roof surface - for higher safety on the construction site.
  • With the tight tongue and groove profile, the board plane is windproof without additional measures.
  • The DHF panel is quickly installed, thanks to optimised tongue and groove profile and the printed nail grid.
  • A nail sealing tape under the counter battens is not required for EGGER DHF underlays and sub-roofs .
  • The guaranteed raw density of at least 600 kg/m³ in combination with a large-area installation with a few joints has a positive effect on the sound insulation and fire protection of building components.
  • With the different storey-high formats, stiffening timber-frame construction walls without horizontal joints can be realised.
  • As a solid and stable board, the EGGER DHF offers additional protection against extreme weather events such as storms and hailstorms, even during the construction period.

The DHF vapour permeable sheathing panel are available in different thicknesses

The EGGER DHF sheating panel with tongue and groove profile is available in the thicknesses 15 and 20 mm. All information can be found in our current delivery programme.