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Case Studies> Design Seating Element

Design Seating Element

Frankenberg (DE)

Black and white contrast

Simple elegance with the EGGER Compact Laminate
The reception area of the Glittenberg company features unusual seating furniture. The goal was to create an elegant, simple and at the same time, inviting sitting opportunity that fits perfectly into the high-quality black and white space.

The unique design furniture was created by Schreinerei Syring using the EGGER Compact Laminate in W 1000 Premium White. Its structured black core was used to create a sharp contrast with the white surfaces. This large piece of furniture can accommodate groups of people as well as for individuals.

Executed by:

Customer / builder:

Formenbau Glittenberg GmbH, Frankenberg (DE),


Schreinerei Syring, Bad Wildungen (DE), 

Construction period:

February 2015


All shown decors are reproductions.