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EHL046 Natural Dunino Oak

Laminate flooring 8/31 Classic

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    Room scene

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    Detailed view

  • Matching skirting:  L112

    Matching skirting: L112

Absolute authenticity in the oak decor

Exploiting its rustic character to the maximum, this oak demonstrates absolute authenticity and naturalness. The natural colour along with the perfectly synchronised pore, which further highlights the individual rustic elements, underlines the naturalness in an impressive manner.

Your benefits

  • Long lifespan
  • Lightfast - no fading or discolouring over the years
  • Dirt-repellent
  • Anti-allergenic
  • Suitable for use with under-floor heating systems
  • Made from natural wood fibres
  • Easy to install with JUST clic! installation system

    Regardless of the layout of the room, the EGGER HOME Laminate Flooring offers a variety of options for your interior design. Our most versatile flooring is the ideal solution for anyone looking for a high-quality, functional floor with a personal touch, and with an excellent price-performance ratio. Perfect for use in the home, but also for offices and other commercial spaces.
    An individual touchClassic or modern? Rustic or elegant? The EGGER Laminate Flooring is as individual as any room and any style. A fascinating image with a personal touch results thanks to the decors with wood, stone and tiles appearance, as well as the five floorboard formats. The authentic woodgrain floorboard effect is perfectly highlighted thanks to a circular V-bevel.
    Naturally healthy livingThe EGGER Laminate Flooring consists of 90% natural wood fibres from sustainably managed forests. It is guaranteed free of PVC, plasticisers and hazardous substances. As a result, our laminate can even be recycled. Thanks to the use of the renewable raw material wood, the harmful greenhouse gas CO2 is bound in the product and thus EGGER makes an important contribution to environmental protection and also ensures your home health.
    A constant valueOur robust floor feels at home in private residential environments as well as in buildings with a high frequency of visitors. It is abrasion resistant and durable. Its lightfast surface retains its colours and does not fade even after many days exposed to intense sunlight. Even water cannot cause damage: The Aqua+range of Laminate Flooring is water-resistant and anti-slip, ideal for the entrance area, kitchen, bathroom and hallway.
    Easy to cleanAllergy sufferers can breathe in and breathe out. The dirt-repellent melamine resin surface is similar to a worktop and can be cleaned quickly and easily. The Aqua+ range can even be cleaned with steam cleaners. The flooring is antistatic and reduces electrical charges to a minimum. This means there is no noticeable discharge stroke when in contact with a dissipating surface such as metallic door knobs.
    EGGER Laminate Flooring. As multi-sided as life.

    Article number 316035
    Collection EGGER HOME Laminate Flooring
    Waterguard Waterguard - 72 hours water-resistant
    Aqua+ No
    Collection categories 8/31 Classic
    Style worlds Pure Nature
    Class of use 31 - for all residential applications with heavy use as well as commercial applications and public areas with moderate use.
    Thickness 8mm
    Format CLASSIC - Classic floor board
    Length x Width 1.292 x 192 mm
    Area / package 1,98 m²
    Surface Texture Deepskin - Striking texture with depth
    Chamfers no bevel
    Endless Optic none
    Sure-footedness none
    Guarantee 15 years
    Core board HDF swell barrier+
    Profile JUST clic! - Simple system
    Antibacterial none
    Quality seal Blue Angel - EGGER products have also earned the oldest and most well-known ecological seal of approval in the world: the Blue Angel confirms our commitment to an intact environment.
    Certification PEFC-Certified - This product is from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources. See for details.
    Eco-Label A+


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