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Redesign of a Pharmacy

Hagen (DE)

The redesign of the Einhorn J Pharmacy combines design, tradition and regionalism.
Many good stories start in the forest, and so does this one: For the new interior design of the Einhorn J Pharmacy in Hagen (DE), wood-based materials were used that were produced at the EGGER plant in Brilon using wood from the surrounding Hagen forests. The project shines with a combination of design and regionalism.

W1000 PG Premium White was chosen for the decors. The high-gloss PerfectSense Gloss surface gives it a special reflective nature and is based on previous pharmacy designs. The ideal contrast to the glossy white is provided by the "Nearly Black" tone of Carbon Grey in the backpanels of the shelves.

Executed by:


Friedrich and Gustav Wassermann, J-Apotheken Hagen (DE)

Planner and fabricator:

rheindesign GmbH for the pharmacy and office design, Rheinbach (DE

Construction period:

August to September 2020


All shown decors are reproductions.