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Case Studies> Hotel Prinzregent

New authentic look for Hotel Prinzregent

Edenkoben (DE)

A natural atmosphere with a modern style.

Hotel Prinzregent represents a natural, traditional and familiar atmosphere. The renovation and redesign of the dining area reflects precisely these values. The wood reproduction H1180 ST37 Natural Halifax Oak adds a cosy and natural atmosphere to the room through striking cracks and knots. Natural Halifax Oak
was used for cladding the bar, shelves, side walls, and cabinets. The planners combined the wood reproduction with elements made of metal and concrete. This created an authentic look across the hotel and gave the building a natural, traditional, but also modern finish.

Executed by

Customer / Builder:

Nadine and Alexander Kurz, Edenkoben (D),

Planner and Fabricator:

zieflekoch GmbH, Waldachtal-Cresbach (D)

Illustration credits:

© Nadine and Alexander Kurz ©Photographer Andreas Rehkopp


All shown decors are reproductions.