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Stylish design with OSB

Robust, durable and versatile: thanks to their structured, rugged look not only are OSB boards ideal for construction but they are also becoming increasingly popular in interior design.

An OSB headboard creates a unique look.


More than just chipboard

OSB boards are made of resin-bonded micro-veneers, known as strands. Constructed in three layers, the top and middle layers of the strands are aligned for optimum technical performance. EGGER OSB boards are made from logs sourced from domestic sustainably cultivated forests. They are a familiar sight in timber construction but they can offer a great deal more: OSB boards are becoming increasingly popular in interior design, lending rooms a very unique style.

Revamp your bed quickly and easily: just switch out your existing headboard for a new one made of OSB. © Shutterstock /

OSB furniture takes pride of place in the bathroom.



Want bespoke furniture? Then why not have your furniture custom-made in OSB boards? Not only is this a robust and hardy material, it is also kind to your wallet. The look of the chic, white bathrooms is broken up with OSB washstands at the “Away Hostel” in Lyon.

OSB furniture takes pride of place in the bathroom. The “Away Hostel” makes use of the natural, warming effect of wood in other areas. © Frenchie CRISTOGATIN



OSB boards are prefect for using as a stable, dry screed and can be laid directly on to sound-insulating flooring or regular floorboards. These wooden, tongue-and-groove boards provide an attractive finish on their own so no additional coverings are required, except for a coat or two of sealing varnish. It is the perfect flooring for living rooms and functional spaces. The co-working space Habita creates a welcoming working environment with the use of light EGGER OSB 3 boards.

OSB boards are the perfect accompaniment to the industrial style.

The OSB boards perfectly match the industrial style of the co-working spaces. © Murathan Varol



Varnished in white, painted in colour or left natural – however your OSB is finished, it will take your walls to the next level. For internal and drywall construction, the boards would normally be covered with plasterboard or fibreboard, but leaving them exposed – as well as benefitting from their inherent stability and sound protection – brings a particular flair to your space.

The white-varnished OSB walls in the EGGER headquarters are light and welcoming.

The white-varnished OSB walls in the EGGER headquarters create a light and welcoming atmosphere. © FRITZ EGGER GmbH & Co. OG

OSB boards: functional and attractive.


An all-encompassing concept

This is where the versatility of OSB boards really comes into its own: the “All I Own House” is comprised of three mobile OSB carcasses that can easily be changed into various room configurations. PKMN Architects used this project to reflect the personality of the homeowner, Yolanda. Yolanda is never in one place for very long, and neither is her furniture, so in a short space of time she can create any variety of room she desires; study, bedroom, kitchen, dressing room, living room or bathroom.

Yolanda uses her “All I Own House” to express her own unique style. The functionality and attractiveness of the OSB boards combine perfectly for the purpose. © Javier de Paz García

  • The concept of OSB living is also reflected in the flooring. Koncept izgradnje od OSB ploča se oslikava čak i na podovima.
  • The OSB wall in the kitchen compliments the rest of the design. © Rafael Schmid Architekten AG
  • Architect Charlotte Féquet uses OSB to add individual character to the bathroom. © Anthony Delanoix
  • In the hotel rooms of the Tirol Lodge Ellmau the OSB board structure shimmers thanks to the white varnish. © Albin Niederstrasser
  • The seating in the Habita co-working spaces is also made from EGGER OSB 3 boards. © Murathan Varol
  • OSB cabinets: an attractive alternative for your kitchen. ©