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Eurodekor MDF E1E05 TSCA MB CE

Eurodekor MDF E1E05 TSCA MB CE is a decorative low formaldehyde MDF board. It is manufactured with very fine fibres and thus offers an extremely smooth surface for further finishing.


  • Fronts for high-quality kitchens
  • 3D furniture fronts


  • Significant undercutting of the strict formaldehyde classes/standard requirements:
    • values of the E1E05 regulation in Germany
    • TSCA (CARB2) regulation in the USA
    • European and global emission requirements
  • Emission behaviour just as natural wood
  • High surface smoothness
  • Higher raw density
  • Reduced swelling behaviour
  • Ideal for deep milling and profiling
  • Improved transverse tensile strength and edge stability
  • Antibacterial surface property in accordance with ISO 22196 (=JIS Z 2801)


EGGER Scandinavia

NOTE: All shown decors are reproductions.