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Eurodekor Flammex E1E05 TSCA P2 CE

Eurodekor Flammex E1E05 TSCA P2 CE designates flame retardant decorative melamine-resin-coated chipboard with reduced formaldehyde content for furniture and interior design with increased requirements for fire behaviour. Flammex boards meet the requirements of the European fire classification EUROCLASS B-s2, d0 according to EN 13501-1.


  • Furniture and interior design (e.g. partition walls, wall cladding) with increased requirements for fire behaviour.


  • Low flammability (flame retardant)
  • Medium smoke production
  • Low heat release
  • No flaming droplets
  • Significantly below the strict formaldehyde classes/standard requirements:
    • E1E05 regulation values in Germany
    • TSCA (CARB2) regulation in the USA
  • Emission behaviour as with natural wood
  • Certified according to TÜV-PROFiCERT-product Interior STANDARD


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Eurodekor Flammex
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For detailed information on the mentioned product characteristics and their reference to standards, please refer to the technical data sheets in the download area.

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