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Selection of coreboard materials

The use of different coreboard materials for directly coated or laminated parts offers the greatest possible flexibility in furniture and interior design. For elements with a special focus on hygiene and cleanliness, compact laminates are available with a ready-made finish. PerfectSense Lacquered Boards refined into high-quality fronts complete the range of furniture components.

Possible coreboards:

  • Eurodekor melamine-resin-coated boards based on chipboard, MDF or Eurolight lightweight board
  • PerfectSense Lacquered Boards
  • Compact laminates
  • Laminate bonded boards



  • Furniture and interior design


  • Large selection of textures and decors on a wide variety of materials
  • Decor and material combination for a coherent overall furniture appearance
  • Coreboard optimised for use
  • No unforeseen rejects with sensitive materials


EGGER Scandinavia

For detailed information on the mentioned product characteristics and their reference to standards, please refer to the technical data sheets in the download area.

NOTE: All shown decors are reproductions.