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Case Studies> Single-family house Hilger

A dream made of wood

Single-family house, Mechernich (DE)

A new home for the Hilger family, built in Mechernich, North Rhine-Westphalia, using EGGER building products over the course of a year.
The Hilger family's new home was built within a year on an area of 13 x 26 metres. The new family home was built across two and a half floors using timber frame construction methods. EGGER OSB 4 Top and EGGER OSB 3 boards were used for the inner sheathing of the outer walls of the detached house with a cross laminated timber ceiling.
Vapour-permeable EGGER DHF underlay boards was used for the outer sheathing of the building. EGGER solid structural timber was also used as part of the timber frame construction. The new home of the Hilger family was built using modern architecture standards and designs, incorporating the idea of a low-energy house in combination with an open floor plan concept. By using large windows and facade elements in combination with the timber frame construction, the architectural specifications regarding the facade surfaces were fully implemented.

Executed by:

Builder / client:

Lea & Martin Hilger


Kröger-Daniels Köln

Fabricator / execution:

Wood & Roof, Belgium

Construction period:

2017 - 2018


All shown decors are reproductions.