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An eye-catching vein

Marble signifies luxury, and has done so throughout the ages. Historically, more often than not, when it came to this natural, veined material, the guiding principle was “more is more”. Nowadays, its use is much more subtle.

Bang on trend

Iacoli & McAllister’s side table “Algedi” beautifully demonstrates the versatility of marble. Paired with the metallic lustre of copper, this white marble becomes even more enticing. The smooth surface of this time-honoured stone is enhanced by the rose-gold effect of copper legs; a harmonious unity arises from this marriage of two materials.

Iacoli & McAllister’s “Algedi” table marries together the ancient and classic marble with the current must-have: copper.

Time for marble

It’s never too late for a classic like marble, especially not when it is used as a strategically-placed accent, like this light marble Living clock. These bang-on-trend, little gems are hewn from the stone that has been beloved for centuries.

The time for marble is far from over. Quite the contrary: this veined rock is currently enjoying a comeback – discreet yet impressive.

Kitchen classic

Marble is often found in kitchens, where it is particularly suited to its role as a worktop. However, if you’re tentative to reach that deep into your pockets but still want the sophisticated look, why not opt for a wooden work surface with marble-effect finish?

Here, marble has been chosen for subtle, veined work surfaces. Yet the colour spectrum marble offers is as varied as its uses.

Sleep like a rock

You’ve made your bed; now lie in it: at first glance, this marble bedding looks like a punishment indeed. However, once you’ve snuggled down under the covers you’ll soon realise it’s quite the opposite! The trend for this natural veined stone has now made its way into the most private of four walls: the bedroom.

Marble, marble, everywhere. The only shame is that it’s far too easy to close your eyes once ensconced in this bedding.

Veja’s marble trainer

No one wants lumps of concrete on their feet; marble shoes are probably only marginally preferable. But when they are as comfortable to wear as these Veja trainers… Marble isn’t just impressive as a finish in the kitchen, bathroom or living room. Shoes finished with a marble effect are certain to be a success.

Rather stones on your shoes than in your shoes. This marble-effect trainer is the result of collaboration between the “Diapers and Milk” founder Leia Sfez and Veja.

Friendly companionship

Until recently, marble often left behind an aftertaste of pomp and circumstance. Nowadays, the outings of this well-known stone tend to be more discreet, almost reserved. It easily deflects attention on to other materials: in Normann Copenhagen’s Craft Collection, marble does not steal the show from the oak, neither in the salt and pepper mills nor in the mortar or the rolling pin.

The Danish designer Simon Legald unified robust marble with solid oak for Normann Copenhagen.