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Re-discovering concrete

Concrete is an incredibly versatile and can be found in construction, interior design, furniture and even accessories. It lends a deliberate, calm and collected look. Architects and designers have recently re-discovered this adaptable material.

Pendant light

Concrete: bringing light into the darkness

Multifaceted: this pendant light turns concrete into a gem that radiates brilliance.

This pendant light from GANTlights is cast in raw concrete with a gilt interior, combining to project a pleasant and warm light.

Combine to contrast

Hard shell: an oak shelving unit lies hidden within the concrete cube by the Berlin-based Betonwerkstatt.

Concrete cube

A shadow gap at the base of the unit gives the impression that it’s floating just above the ground; the oak insert provides a fascinating contrast to the smooth concrete finish.

Cook or chemist?

Men in particular seem to love an industrial-look kitchen. But that should come as no surprise. After all, even three-star chefs prefer to do their glazing and charring with a Bunsen burner.

Industrial-look kitchen

Kitchen island with a smooth-polished, fine-grained concrete surface by n HR-Betondesign & mayarchitekten © zooey braun FOTOGRAFIE

Loft-apartment look

Building with charm

Everyone wants the modern loft-apartment look – but why should this be restricted to those who actually live in a loft apartment? We should all be able to bring the charm of concrete into our homes. When combined with light woods and warm colours, concrete reveals its comforting character.

The walls, stairs, kitchen and even the bathroom in this house are made from concrete. All of the integrated elements such as built-in wardrobes, shelves and doors are finished in wood. By (se)arch

Dynamic, even at rest

The sleek design of the „Colomba" concrete lounger makes it look a great deal lighter than it is. Cast in self-compacting high-performance concrete, the contrast of hard concrete and aesthetically-dynamic styling is captivating.

Concrete lounger

Durable outdoor furniture by the Munich-based architects and designers at pezzo per pezzo: Andreas B. Maier and Josef Gose.

Eloquent design

Make a statement with your seating: when furniture makes words. Sascha Grewe’s letter stools come in concrete and in MDF.

Eloquent design

Letter stools for indoors and out. Designed by Sascha Grewe
Foto: © artcanbreakyourheart

Bold basin: “Mutig”

Using concrete in place of ceramics in your bathroom creates an individual and bespoke look. The various sealants applied to the concrete protect against dirt, stains and scratches, and make cleaning easy.

Bold basin

Bold basin: “Mutig” with smooth-polished surfaces, waterproof and sealed with wax. By: Betonagerie from