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Case Studies> Spacious apartment, Samara (RU)

Big spaces give full scope to imagination

Samara (RU)

170 square metres of custom design
A lot of elements of this interior design are tailor-made which is always interesting, especially since these days most of us wish for the house with a unique, personalised look. Total area of this apartment is quite big and amounts to 170 square metres. These include generously sized entry hall, common joint area of kitchen and living room, as well as more private zone consisting of several bedrooms, walk-in closet, and a

bathroom. Big space means bigger scope to the architect’s imagination. This case is an example of various ways of using EGGER products, from standard furniture elements to wall and column facing. Cosy, minimalistic style of that interior design was implemented through EGGER’s popular decors: H3154 ST36 Dark Brown Charleston Oak, U963 ST9 Diamond Grey, and W1100 Alpine White.

Executed by:

Furniture designer:

Valentin Semiletov


Igor Tyunin




Modern Style, Samara (RU)

Illustration credits:



All shown decors are reproductions.