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Shared use and enjoyment

Communication hub: Habita co-working spaces provide a flexible working environment and an open atmosphere

Spacious, open rooms with plenty of workplaces helps create unrestricted creativity. © Murathan Varol

More and more goods are being circulated, used and consumed collectively, whether they are shared, swapped, borrowed, rented or simply given away. The communal approach underlying such sharing and exchanging applies to everything from clothes and couches to cars. However, skills, experience and services as well as time and space are also increasingly being offered for collective use.

Around the globe, more and more people are embracing the concept of collective consumption.
The same applies to offices: co-working spaces not only offer flexible, open and communally useable working environments. Aside from breaking down walls, they also create room for interaction, interchange and creativity. That's because they provide space that freelancers, start-up founders and even the employees of major companies can share and meet in. Serdar, Burak and Levent also shared the dream of collective use offices. That's why they founded the co-working space Habita in the heart of Istanbul’s industrial district. “Our aim was to create a space where people could meet and tap into great energy and potential for the benefit of their work.”

  • Exchange ideas, brainstorm and be creative © Murathan Varol
  • Natural light and plants © Murathan Varol
  • Event area © Murathan Varol
  • Interaction and networking © Murathan Varol
  • Industrial style © Murathan Varol
  • The Habita foyer © Murathan Varol
  • OSB seating © Murathan Varol

“This space is intended to inspire new ideas and ways of thinking, develop productive relationships and offer opportunities for a fruitful interchange of ideas.” - The founders of Habita

The warm tones and light-coloured furnishings at Habita – made largely from EGGER OSB 3 boards – provide fertile ground for innovative ideas as well as a pleasant working atmosphere. The result provides communal offices that people can share and exchange experiences, ideas and skills.