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Case Studies> Hairdresser Haartrock

Hairdresser Haartrock

Regensburg (DE)

Modern offer in a rustic setting

The Regensburg (DE) hair salon merges soft and rustic natural tones with classic ite.
In the newly design, ultramodern "Haartrock" hair salon, furniture in EGGER’s woodgrain decor, H1486 Pasadena Pine, provides a rustic, earthy touch.
The heart of the salon is the wall-high shelving in this decor. With its muted tone and age wood charm, Pasadena Pine provides the perfect setting on which to display products. The use of the sandy coloured F274 Light Concrete for individual furniture items and W1000 Premium White for the hairdressing tables made of EGGER Eurolight, creates a striking contrast.

Executed by:


Robert&Claudia Käufl GbR, Regensburg (DE)

Planning, concept, and project management:

ProCon Management GmbH, Aalen (DE)

Construction period:

Autumn 2015


All shown decors are reproductions.