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Be inspired by our furnishing styles

Furnishing trends, furnishing styles and wonderful flooring design

Everyone wants to feel good at home, individually design their living space and choose the right flooring colour. Whether you are renovating or want to refresh your space, let yourself be inspired here by the latest trends and developments in interior design and discover our furnishing styles.

The Pure Nature home style stands for a love of nature

  • A flooring design that brings nature into the room
  • Floor coverings for a furnishing style with a natural quality
Select a flooring colour for a natural home style

This furnishing style creates a warm atmosphere in the room. It combines natural materials as well as elegant and timeless furniture with rustic elements.

Any flooring that embodies a genuine natural quality fits in with this, whether in wood, stone or even concrete effect.

To the designs of Pure Nature

The Used Novelty furnishing trend incorporates bold design

Creative furnishing trend for an extraordinary flooring design

Creative, vibrant and playful elements characterise this furnishing trend. Influences from the vintage, used look make this furnishing style unique.

For a matching flooring design we offer striking decors and vibrant colours.

To the Used Novelty flooring designs

Vintage and ornamental features belong to this flooring design

Modern Classics - we give the classics a modern touch.

A timelessly good-looking flooring design
We have reinterpreted the classics for you - flooring colours that impress!

Do you prefer clear lines, classic furnishing styles and simple elegance? Then you will love our reinterpreted classics, which catch the eye with their unusual colours.

Discover authentic, matt flooring wood effects as well as abstract flooring design in keeping with this modern furnishing trend.

To the Modern Classics decors

The Light Living furnishing style radiates a Scandinavian chic

Scandinavian furnishing trend with light flooring colours
A reserved furnishing style that complements a simple flooring design

This furnishing trend, also known as loft or Scandinavian style, is characterised by pale shades and light-looking materials.

Large spaces are flooded with light, smaller rooms with flooring from this furnishing style are given a Nordic flair.

To the decors of Light Living

Our tips for selecting the right flooring colour

The atmosphere created in a space depends on the chosen decor and the combination of colours. For small or dark rooms, light-coloured floor coverings in white or grey is suitable.

If that is too neutral for your taste, we recommend a medium brown, which will give the space a warm touch. When selecting the flooring colour, also bear in mind the existing furniture and your individual furnishing style.

Find the right flooring colour.

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