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Trend Selection. Inspiring living and working worlds.

Space is created and comes to life through individual accents, high quality decors, harmonious shapes and colours. Your wishes and needs are individual. Our innovative design concepts fulfil them.

Interior Match: Coordinated with each other

With our Interior Match decor package, we meet your design requirements.
  • Interior Match | EPD003
  • Interior Match | EPL185
  • Interior Match | EPD038

Colour Match: great combinations with decors from our PRO Flooring and our Decorative Collection.

Creative Functions: A good combination

  • Creative Functions | EDP034
  • Creative Functions | EPD034 - EPD035
  • Creative Functions | EPD037 - EPL175
Open spaces and flowing transitions.

Pure Solids: Made for a long life

Solid wood and parquet decors are an everlasting trend.
  • Pure Solids | EPL187
  • Pure Solids | EPL200
  • Pure Solids | EPL202
  • Pure Solids | EPL196

NOTE: All shown decors are reproductions.

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