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State of the art eco-build specifies EGGER

SIPS@Clays, Haltwhistle (UK)

Located on the edge of the Northumberland national park, the SIPS@Clays team specified EGGER Protect for an environmentally focused home. 

Five minutes from the small town of Haltwhistle, the 235m² project’s aim was to create an eco-friendly home, that benefits the environment by using carbon neutral materials.  With views of the historic Hadrian’s Wall, it was important to the owners to create a home that conserves and benefits the surrounding environment, and so they opted for a Structural Insulated Panel (SIPs) construction method.
North Yorkshire based SIPS@Clays undertook the SIPs design, fabrication and installation of the superstructure for the project. Well known for their high quality work, they are experts in delivering SIPs project and are the original delivery partner for the Kingspan TEK® Building System – which was used in this project.
As a modern method of construction (MMC), SIPs are one of the most ecologically friendly building materials on the market. Made up of two sheets of 15mm oriented strand board (OSB) with a rigid insulation core sandwiched between, SIPs are a high performance building system that is typically used for the external envelope i.e. external walls and roofs. They provide a speedier, more energy efficient and airtight build than traditional methods of construction, resulting in lower energy consumption and CO2 emissions, an extremely strong and durable frame and a well-insulated home that can be erected 30-40% quicker than alternative methods. 

To complement the SIPs building system, SIPS@Clays specified EGGER Protect as the structural flooring for the build. Made using renewable and recycled wood material, the enhanced P5 T&G chipboard met the brief perfectly. It has a negative carbon footprint, is 100% recyclable, and for this project it was produced less than 20 miles away, at EGGER’s manufacturing site in Hexham.

The SIPS@Clays team followed Method A from EGGER’s Advanced Structural Fitting Guide using EGGER Protect and EGGER Joint and Joist Adhesive. By using this method, the floor can be covered by a warranty provider’s new build guarantee. The boards are covered by the EGGER Advanced Structural Flooring guarantee for the lifetime of the building.

Ian Clay, Partner at SIPS@Clays, said, “We have been using EGGER Protect for a number of years now and it has become our flooring system of choice. Offering everything needed to withstand the rigours of an active building site, it unquestionably meets the high standards that we demand on our clients’ behalf.”

“Its exceptional durability, especially in the most challenging of weather conditions, coupled with its compatibility with the Easi-Web joists as used on this project, makes Egger Protect the perfect flooring solution for us. We love it.”

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Construction period:

September 2020 – November 2020


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