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Designers of tomorrow

The EGGER decor appears on the tables in the main restaurant

Designers of Tomorrow

Product, Design and Specification Training for Students, from Egger UK

EGGER’s ‘Designers of Tomorrow’ training programme brings manufacturer insight and industry expertise to design students across the UK.

The program aims to introduce trainee designers to the effective use of reproduction materials in design, to value engineer, and to boost the sustainability of projects.

“I highly recommend this for every interior design course as a must industry talk to include in their curriculum”- Barend Slabbert, Course Leader, Interior Design (BA) University of Derby


Gina Tailford
Commercial Graduate Trainee

EGGER (UK) Limited
Anick Grange Road
Hexham Northumberland
NE46 4JS

Tel: +44 1434 613363
e-mail: moc.regge@drofliat.anig

H1137 ST12 Black Brown Serano Oak (Liverpool Football Club Megastore)

Select a module combination to suit your students. Three carefully curated modules offer an in depth look at each topic, whilst the combined module offers a detailed overview of products and processes.

Module 1: Technical Intervention – Core Products

Exploring board, laminate and edging.

Learn about core materials MFC, MFMDF, laminate and edging. From a technical perspective explore how they are made, what they are made from, their properties and uses, and how these materials benefit design projects.

H8904 C2 Accent Edging

Module 2: Design Innovation – Decorative Surfaces

Print, texture and the power of reproduction.

Learn about print, texture, and the concept of reproduction materials as more sustainable, more practical, and more resourceful alternatives to real materials.

Module 3: Specification – Design and Application

Aesthetics, performance, and how to specify.

Bringing knowledge from modules 1 and 2 together, discuss the use of reproduction materials in real design projects. Combining design aesthetics and material performance, explore the world of opportunity brought to designers through matching materials, and learn how to carry ideas through to the specification stage successfully.

Egger apartment (Brilon DE)

Combined module: From Forest to Furniture.

An introduction to decorative products. From sustainable production processes and material properties to decorative surfaces and design possibilities.

“It was great to see how at EGGER are at the forefront of the Circular Economy. This resource really illustrates the operation of closed loop production cycle at the Hexham plant” - Simon Scott-Harden, Course Leader, Design for Industry (BA), Northumbria University

NOTE: All shown decors are reproductions.