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Develop your product knowledge through e-learning

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Put down the tools and and use our e-learning module to get to know our products

Our new online training platform provides you with everything you need to know about EGGER Building Products. Use this free service for quick and quality training for you and your team.

Not your typical e-learning:

  • To access the e-learning course you will first need a myEGGER account. You can Register or login here.
  • Once you have logged in, the access button below will change.
  • Our e-learning course is easy to navigate with interactive drag and drop questions, videos and more!
  • The course should take less than 12 minutes to complete.
  • Ability to give feedback - help us to help you.
  • E-learning

    12 minutes training session to broaden your product knowledge.
  • Drag and drop elements

    Interact with our drag and drop questions
  • Product recap

    The answers are recapped after each product to help you remember key points.
  • Videos

    We also include some product videos
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