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More Transparency

More From Wood has been EGGER’s principle since it was founded in 1961. We manufacture products for commercial and residential projects in the furniture, interior design, building and flooring industries, using nature’s renewable resources.

Our ethos is that wood is a precious material, and as our founder, Fritz Egger Senior, said, “Wood is far too valuable to just throw it away!”

By acting sustainably, conserving resources and protecting the climate, we contribute towards sustainable development and stand by our underlying principle: More From Wood.

Make informed decisions in your furniture manufacturing or design specification projects. Our products have useful environmental performance indicators that make us, and therefore you, More Transparent.

Leaving a trace

CO2 footprint

Material regrowth

Contribution to the bioeconomy

Recycle, reuse, recover

Contribution to the circular economy

Local sourcing

Wood proportion from the regional environment

Sustainable forest management

Wood proportion from verified and certified sources

Full transparency for our products

We make public all ingredients that are used in our products. There are two different document formats for this: EPDs ("Environmental Product Declarations") that also make the life cycle assessment of our products transparent and EHDs ("Environmental and Health Datasheets").