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MORE magazine takes a look at the topics our industry is talking about. It provides useful and inspiring knowledge about people, the environment and highlights innovations and traditions. 

It explores the search for the wood-based innovations and solutions, the respect and responsibility for nature, as well as the inspiration and joy that comes from living with products made of wood.

The magazine is published in five languages and distributed to our customers and partners worldwide. Our previous editions are available in digital format here.

We hope you enjoy reading them!

  • The power of possibility

    MORE 14 – The power of possibility

    The latest issue of our MORE customer magazine deals with the art of using a crisis as an opportunity. Even when facing the most severe crisis, there is still the prospect that it will end. But what comes afterwards? The pandemic has pushed the issue of climate change out of our consciousness only for a brief moment. Can we use the lessons of the crisis to finally tackle global warming? And what role does wood play in this?


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A classic with a future
Secret of success in timing
Changing cities
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Steering safely
Smart times ahead
Expo Milano 2015
Investing in growth
MORE 9 - Steering safely

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MORE 7 - Expo Milano 2015

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Questions of taste
Almost perfect
Simply ingenious
Adapting to change
MORE 5 - Questions of taste

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The future of construction
MORE 1 - The future of construction

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