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  • 23.11.2020

    EGGER PRO Flooring Collection 2021+

    Flooring for the future. EGGER announces the arrival of the new EGGER PRO Flooring Collection 2021+.

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  • 09.11.2020

    Alison celebrates 45th anniversary at EGGER site

    EGGER Hexham’s longest serving employee Alison Bird reaches 45-year career milestone.Tuesday 10th November marks the anniversary of Accounts Coordinator, Alison Bird, joining the wood-based materials manufacturer in November 1975.

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  • 19.10.2020

    13 reasons to specify laminate for your project

    Projects and interiors are more demanding than ever, so it is important to make sure you are specifying the right surface.\nEGGER’s international collection of 259 laminate decors enables you to design with confidence. Available in woodgrain, uni colour and material finishes, they can be sourced worldwide, so if you are working on an international rollout you can guarantee a consistent look.

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  • 25.09.2020

    New roots planted at EGGER Barony

    Seven new recruits join EGGER’s award-winning apprenticeship programme. On Thursday 17th September, seven new apprentices marked the beginning of their career at EGGER by planting a tree in Barony’s Apprentice Forest.

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  • 01.09.2020

    PRO Design Flooring Greentec

    Innovative flooring range offers a sustainable alternative to LVT. Eco-friendly products that do not compromise on style or performance are in demand across the flooring industry. Developed with sustainable material at its core, the EGGER PRO Design Flooring GreenTec range, offers a solution for commercial and residential interiors.

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  • 06.08.2020

    The EGGER World

    EGGER introduces a virtual world so designers can explore products in application. Well known for constantly investing in new, innovative products and services, EGGER, one of the leading international wood-based material manufacturers, has developed a fresh approach to showcasing its product portfolio.

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  • 30.07.2020

    Positive mood at EGGER: Stable results for the year 2019/2020 and optimistic outlook

    The wood-based material manufacturer closes the financial year 2019/2020 with sales of EUR 2.83 billion (-0.4 %) and EBITDA of EUR 424.4 million (-0.1 %).

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  • 07.07.2020

    Materials that make PerfectSense

    EGGER introduces new material decors into its award winning range of matt and ultra-gloss surfaces. Marble and industrial materials continue to be in high demand by consumers across the furniture industry. Often out of reach, due to high price tags, EGGER’s new PerfectSense decors offer cost effective alternatives that are easy to process, on-trend and durable

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  • 23.12.2019

    EGGER presents stable annual financial statement for the first half of the financial year

    Turnover increased by 3.4 %, with almost EUR 300 million invested

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  • 26.11.2019

    EGGER employee runs over 1000km to raise money for local charities.

    Over the past year, Noel has taken part in an eye-watering 57 running events, with sponsorship from his employer, EGGER. He has completed the challenge in all-weather conditions, and in one weekend completed an impressive 100km.

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  • 29.10.2019

    EGGER Decorative Collection 2020–22

    February 2020 sees the introduction of the new EGGER Decorative Collection 2020–22. This is the biggest product launch for the company since 2017, offering the very best decors and textures with a focus on the latest design trends.

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  • 09.10.2019

    EGGER Group receives ISO 38200 certificate

    EGGER implements a new, globally valid standard for the transmission of information along the supply chain of wood and wood-based products.

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