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Interior Match brings together what belongs together

With the "Interior Match", EGGER shows the combination possibilities of furniture and flooring. The decor selection combines wood and material reproductions from the Decorative Collection 2020-22 for furniture and interior design with the PRO Flooring Collection 2021+.

Klaus Monhoff, Head of Decor and Design Management, and Ayla Schwarzmayr, Decor Management Senior Specialist Flooring, explain in the following interview what is involved in developing such a decor concept.

The Interior Match combines furniture and flooring decors.
Is everything really allowed when it comes to "Mix & Match", or are there limits?

Klaus Monhoff
This design trend has been dominating interior designs for quite some time. In all this freedom, skilful coexistence and targeted combinations are important. "Mix & Match" does not mean motley patchwork. The combination of colours, materials and surfaces gives room for creativity and individuality. Coordinated fixed points create the desired visual harmony. Thus, there are hardly any limits.
Klaus Monhoff, Head of Decor and Design Management
Coordinated fixed points bring the desired visual harmony.
Has the importance of floors in interior design changed?

Klaus Monhoff
The spatial boundaries between residential, living and working areas are blurring. This results in new requirements for floor and room designs. This has inspired us to rethink flooring development: We focus on the combination of furniture and flooring, on different floors in the room and all that in high quality.

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How do you coordinate furniture and flooring decors?

Ayla Schwarzmayr
The coordination process between furniture and flooring decors is very demanding: You work with different production processes and surfaces. With Sherman Oak, for example, we are showing two synchronised pore surfaces that can be found in furniture and interior design as well as in our flooring collection. These wood reproductions were finished with the same decor. This means that the same original material was used as a template for the decor development. This then results in the „Decor Match“ between furniture and flooring with a synchronously applied surface.
With these and other coordinated decor developments in the „Interior Match“, our customers can select the same decor for floors, doors, the worktop in the kitchen or complete furniture. This is how designs gain harmony.
Ayla Schwarzmayr, Decor Management Senior Specialist Flooring
What criteria are used to develop and select decors for the Interior Match?

Klaus Monhoff
When developing furniture decors, we are inspired by home textiles, accessories and furniture details. For flooring developments, we are more oriented towards the overall impression of rooms: Which colours are predominant? How are walls currently designed? The choice of decor must be in line with current trends. For example, the combination with black, which can be found in all living areas. For the "Interior Match" decor concept, the aim was to look at the interior holistically and find the greatest common denominator.
What theme do wood reproductions, materials and haptics play in the decor concept?

Ayla Schwarzmayr
Authentic decors are currently in demand like never before. This also applies to wood grains, which are amazingly similar to the original in look and feel, as well as classic laying patterns such as parquet or plank looks. In "Interior Match", we show wood reproductions whose visual spectrum ranges from natural and simple to rustic and striking. Vintage decors with coloured inclusions set accents. In terms of materials, terrazzo, concrete and classic marble are currently very popular. With Interior Match, we combine new products from the furniture, interior design and flooring collections to meet current trends in interiors.
Tabletop and flooring in matching colours? Easily achievable with the Interior Match.

NOTE: All shown decors are reproductions.