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Inspiration> Case Studies> Tyrolean Blue Apartment

A modern residential dream in blue

Bucharest (RO)

The architect has revealed the hidden potential of this apartment.

The project consisted of the renovation of a 50 m2 apartment, located in a building from the 1960s. The general overhaul has transformed a dusty and gloomy-looking apartment into a modern and fresh one. Today, the apartment convinces with its well thought-out use of space and the strong incidence of daylight, which is reinforced by the predominantly light furnishings with W1000 ST9 Premium White decors and emphasised by U767 ST9 Cubanit Grey and U504 ST9 Tyrolean Blue decors.

The greatest difficulty was to reveal the hidden potential of the apartment without giving the impression that the rooms were cramped by the fixtures, so a generous worktop in H1145 ST10 Natural Bardolino Oak was installed in the kitchen, creating a calm contrast to the blue fronts. The same decor was used on the other side of the kitchen, mirroring the look, but here a dining table is in Natural Bardolino Oak.

The furnishing in the living room is flexible. The work table in Premium White quickly transforms into a table large enough for a meal with family or friends. The accents here are set in the same Tyrolean Blue as in the kitchen.

The bedroom comes alive by the use of large mirrors that make the room appear spacious and bright. The asymmetrical background gives a dynamic impression and prevents uniformity in design. At the same time the light and warm Cubanit Grey is used for the surfaces. With the soft lighting, it creates a harmonious effect.

Particularly noteworthy is the entrance area, where LED light strips have been used behind a chipboard in Tyrolean Blue, lending a certain lightness to the fixtures.

Executed by:


Arh. int. Andrei-George Dobrea VIM STU

Project coordinator:

arh. int. Stefania Bobaru VIM STUDIO

Construction period:


Illustration credits:

© arh. int. Alexandru Prodan


All shown decors are reproductions.