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Installing flooring is quick and easy. We show you how!

Our detailed installation instructions and videos show you how to install our flooring. In these step by step instructions for our flooring click systems (UNI fit! and JUST clic!), we tell you how to install our flooring and what you must take into account when doing so. We have put the videos together in the following sections according to installation type and click system.
Simply click on the installation method that interests you and go straight to our videos!

In what ways can you install flooring?

In general there are two different ways of installing an EGGER floor. The installation method is based on the flooring type, the flooring composition and the application area, in other words the space where the flooring is being installed. Please take note of the information on the product packaging and the instruction leaflet. You can install all EGGER flooring in residential living areas as a floating installation.

Alternatively the moisture-resistant Aqua+ laminate flooring and our Design flooring can also be permanently glued over the full surface in residential settings. When used in commercial spaces, our Design flooring must be glued over the full surface.

Installing EGGER flooring

Here you can find an overview of which flooring click system you can use to install our three types of flooring (Laminate flooring, Comfort flooring and Design flooring).

For our laminate flooring you will find the information about the click system to be used in the instruction leaflet inside the box or on the packaging.

Installing EGGER flooring with patented flooring click systems

Product Flooring click system Installation method
Laminate flooring JUST clic! + UNI fit! floating
Comfort flooring UNI fit! floating
Design flooring UNI fit! floating / glued

Our flooring click systems

Thanks to the patented UNI fit! and JUST clic! flooring click systems, you can install our Laminate flooring, Comfort flooring or Design flooring quickly and conveniently.

Floating installation with the UNI fit! flooring click system

The UNI fit! flooring click system enables a perfect floating installation.

  • UNI fit! is a patented locking system, which is used to connect the floorboards together without tools.
  • Because more than one persons can work simultaneously, you can save a lot of time.
  • This creates a very stable connection between the individual floorboards.
  • Enjoy the convenience of installing the flooring board by board.

Our installation videos about full-surface gluing with UNI fit!

Installing EGGER Laminate with UNI fit!

Installing EGGER Aqua+ laminate with UNI fit! - in damp areas

Installing EGGER Comfort flooring with UNI fit!

Installing first rows EGGER laminate flooring with UNI fit! clic system

Installing first rows EGGER design flooring with UNI fit!

Full-surface gluing with the UNI fit! flooring click system

With the UNI fit! flooring click system. Gluing flooring

  • Our Aqua+ laminate flooring and Design flooring are suitable for full-surface gluing.

  • By gluing flooring you will significantly improve the ambient noise level.

  • An underfloor heating system will give you a more effective transfer of heat.

  • In large spaces you can create impressive flooring without fitting additional motion profiles.

  • Our EGGER Design flooring needs to be glued over the full surface in all commercial settings.

Floating installation with the JUST clic! flooring click system

Installing flooring as a floating installation with the JUST clic! flooring click system

  • JUST clic! is a patented flooring click system, which you can use to install flooring without tools.
  • The flooring installation is done row by row resulting in a stable surface.
  • You thereby achieve an excellent surface stability.
  • The flooring can be used immediately after installation.

Our installation video about floating installation with JUST clic!

Installing EGGER laminate with JUST clic!

Installing first rows EGGER laminate flooring with JUST clic!

Installing flooring on the wall

Installing flooring on the wall for creative interior design.

  • Are you looking for new interior design ideas? Use EGGER flooring boards as wall cladding!
  • For attaching our Design flooring on the wall, we provide practical assembly clips.
  • Quick and simple wall assembly thanks to our flooring click systems

Our installation videos for wall assembly

Wall assembly of laminate flooring with JUST clic!

Wall assembly of flooring boards with UNI fit!

Installation of skirtings boards


  • To finish the flooring installation you need appropriate skirting boards
  • We offer matching skirting boards in 6 cm height for all EGGER flooring decors
  • In corners either you cut the skirtings to fit or you can use suitable corner elements

Our video about installation of skirting boards

Installing skirting boards

More information about flooring installation: