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WoodCube: A social project of HTL1 Linz

Jigodin (RO) / Linz (AT)

In line with the motto “Hands on”, the pupils of HTL1 Bau und Design Linz are building a sanitary block in Romania in cooperation with “Caritas Alba Iulia”.
The annual project of HTL1, focussing on wood construction, was building a sanitary block for the children’s rehabilitation centre Jigodin in eastern Romania. The holiday centre opened in 1966 and since then has been offering children with disabilities, from poor families or orphanages, an opportunity to enjoy a holiday away from their everyday problems.
After planning the new 21 m2 sanitary block, the pupils began by making wall and ceiling elements in the carpentry workshops, which they then assembled and completed on site. The vapour-permeable, moisture-resistant EGGER DHF boards were fabricated for the components of the rear-ventilated flat roof and the exterior walls. In addition to the construction work, the pupils also oversaw all sanitary and electrical installations.

Executed by:

Builder / Customer:

Caritas Alba Iulia, Alba Iulia (RO),

Concept and implementation:

HTL1 Bau und Design Linz, Linz (AT),

Construction period:

March to June 2018

Illustration credits:

© HTL1