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Sports hall

Ernsthofen (AT)

Sports, music and culture under one roof

A modern and inviting space for events of all kinds
The interior design of the recently renovated sports hall in the Primary and Music School Ernsthofen creates a pleasant atmosphere without looking like a classic sports hall.Thanks to the technical stage, the hall is also a space for music and cultural events.
Innovative wall and ceiling materials from EGGER support the calming design: The Poppe*Prehal architects focused on unique patterns made of shifted rectangles in warm brown tones. OSB Combiline creates a highly resistant core material which fulfills the requirements of a bulging wall in sports halls according to Ă–ISS guidelines.

Executed by:

Customer / builder:

Gemeinde Ernsthofen, (AT),


Poppe*Prehal Architekten ZT GmbH,


Firma Pauzenberger GmbH,

Hirschinger Tischlerei GmbH,

Construction period:

June 2013 to September 2014


All shown decors are reproductions.