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How sanitary partition walls become an eye-catcher

Neunkirchen (DE)

Compact laminate in H1180 ST37 seduces with functionality and a design-oriented look
The appropriate EGGER materials were used for the partition walls and cabins of the sanitary facilities of Heinrich Buhl GmbH in Neunkirchen. Trendy and functional were the requirements. What product could be better suited for this than the EGGER compact laminate with black core? Thanks to its properties, it is particularly suitable for heavily used surfaces with high demands on hygiene.
In addition to being particularly easy to clean, the compact laminate also stands out for its visually appealing design and high robustness. It is rounded off by the matching decor H1180 ST37 Natural Halifax Oak. Thanks to its striking cracks and knots, this natural wood reproduction provides more naturalness and authenticity. The haptic perfection of the synchronised texture ST37 Feelwood Rift and the wood effects are a clear guarantee of well-being.

Executed by:


Heinrich Buhl GmbH, Neunkirchen (DE)

Project initiator:

Schreinerei Enseroth, Dillenburg (DE)


Rink GmbH, Wetzlar (DE)

Illustration credits:

© Anne Kirch

Construction period:



All shown decors are reproductions.