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  • Umdasch stand Euroshop 2020
    Umdasch stand, Düsseldorf (DE)

    Impressive exhibition stand at EuroShop 2020

    New perspectives for the shops of the future

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  • Kitchen in minimalist style in Benesov (CZ)
    Benešov (CZ)

    A modern kitchen with the distinctive and timeless combination of white and wood

    A spacious kitchen rendered in a minimalist, natural style with natural materials never gets old.

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  • Sparkasse SmartLAB Neunkirchen (DE)
    Bank, Neunkirchen (DE)

    SmartLAB: Sparkasse with a modern room concept

    The future of banking in a new design

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  • New Forum building Unterradlberg
    New forum building Unterradlberg (AT)

    Modular building with a format

    The new Forum building at the Unterradlberg site was completed this summer. The building, designed as a modular element structure, is built according to the same principle as the headquarters in St. Johann in Tirol.

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  • Kitchen, Penza (Russia)
    Penza (RU)

    One kitchen, all trends

    Woodgrain decors and premium boards comprise a modern interior design

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  • Sanitary partition walls, Neunkirchen (DE)
    Neunkirchen (DE)

    How sanitary partition walls become an eye-catcher

    Compact laminate in H1180 ST37 seduces with functionality and a design-oriented look

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  • From a bedsit to a designer apartment
    Mini-apartment, Prague (CZ)

    From a bedsit to a designer apartment

    The original flat, dating from the 1960s, was transformed into an exclusive living area that meets the high demands pertaining to its functionality and its modern appearance

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  • Modern flat with timeless design in Prague
    Modern flat with a timeless design, Prague (CZ)

    An elegant appearance goes hand in hand with elaborateness

    Unconventional and flawless; it is hard to say no to a flat like this in Prague.

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  • The city hotel with a smooth, urban look
    Arte hotel, Salzburg (AT)

    The city hotel with a smooth, urban look

    Arty and relaxed living with 4-stars, combined with a modern interior

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  • The interior design in New York style with the decors H3114 ST9 and U763 ST9.
    New York Style Flat, Moscow (RU)

    Striking decors combined with light colours

    New York Style meets Modern Classic

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  • H1334 ST9 was used for the wall cladding, cabinets and doors.
    Primary school, Gimel (CH)

    Educational institution for well-being

    EGGER laminate impresses with durability and naturalness

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  • Kindergarten, Wismar (DE)
    Wismar (DE)

    New nest for the StadtSpatzen

    The StadtSpatzen day care centre in Wismar, newly opened by LernWert gGmbH, offers the concept of "education for sustainable development" – in a sustainable environment.

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