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Educational institution for well-being

Primary school, Gimel (CH)

EGGER laminate impresses with durability and naturalness.
For the new primary school building in Gimel (CH), the wood reproduction H1334 ST9 Light Sorano Oak was used, which comes very close to the natural shade. Durability is an important keyword, especially for school buildings. Therefore, the decision was made to

use the robust EGGER laminate. H1334 ST9 was used for the wall cladding, doors and cabinets, demonstrating the versatility of the product. By combining the light colour tones with the natural woodgrain decor, the rooms appear sober and functional, yet modern and inviting. U707 ST9 Silk Grey was used for the worktop in the classrooms.

Product used

Executed by

Customer / Builder:

Gimel municipality, Gimel (CH)


MAGIZAN SA, Lausanne (CH)

General contractor:

ERNE AG Holzbau, Penthalaz (CH)


JM Agencements, Roche (CH)

Construction period:


Illustration credits:

Anne-Laure Lechat, Lausanne (CH)


All shown decors are reproductions.