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From a bedsit to a designer apartment

Mini-apartment, Prague (CZ)

The original flat, dating from the 1960s, was transformed into an exclusive living area that meets the high demands pertaining to its functionality and its modern appearance.
The new owner of the 1960’s flat, which originally had the layout of a bedsit, decided to create a modern apartment to accommodate his family members during their business and private trips to Prague. The newly reconstructed area was subject to the high demands placed on its function and design. It needed to become a place that provided comfort for a multiple-day stay of up to 5 overnight stays, including sufficient storage space.

At the same time, the owner required that long-lasting materials be used, which do not require any demanding maintenance. The choice of the EGGER company’s W1000 PG Premium White and the highly popular H1180 ST37 Natural Halifax Oak materials for the furniture proved to be a good idea. The installed floor coverings were made of heavy duty EGGER PRO Design thermoplastic polyurethane in the EPD015 Oak elegant sand beige decor.

Executed by:


A private individual


Renata Pápai


Vestavstyl Joinery

Construction period:

2018 - 2019

Illustration credits:

© Vojta Herout


All shown decors are reproductions.