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Trendy oak classic in a private home

Apartment, Olsztyn (PL)

EGGER Laminate Flooring adorns the family home

The owners of this private home chose an EGGER Laminate Flooring from the current PRO Collection when doing renovation works. When selecting the flooring, the following characteristics were particularly important for the owners: a trendy floor design, wear resistance, robustness, optimal price-performance ratio, and easy installation. EGGER Laminate Flooring offers all these features, and thus the choice fell on the decor

EPL019 Parquet Oak dark, which works very well with the light nuances of the interior design and the discreet decorations thanks to its natural character. Furthermore, the installer benefitted from the UNI fit! installation system of the flooring, which allowed for quick and easy installation in the living room, children’s room, and bedroom.

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August 2018

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All shown decors are reproductions.