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EGGER cut to width service

EGGER cut to width service

This service enables you to order edging rolls in the width dimension of your choosing. You need only complete 3 easy steps:

1. Select basic data and décor selection

2. Optimise selection

3. Complete configuration

Select basic data and décor selection
Optimise selection
Complete configuration

Just search the desired decor and choose a thickness of 0.8 or 2.0 mm. Additionally, the edges for our PerfectSense decors are available with a thickness of 1.0 mm.

From a jumbo roll of 100mm width you can select any width between 12 and 100 mm. For instance, 8 rolls of 12mm, or 1 roll of 45mm and 2 rolls of 25mm. You can request up to 4 rolls of any one décor, with different configurations possible to suit your requirements.

Check your selection and enter your data. You can download the configuration as a PDF, print it or send a PDF by email.

Please note that only fabricators or distributors have access to our Cut to width service.

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