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Use one design across an entire home!

Gleiche Fußbodenfarbe in allen Räumen für harmonisches Wohnen

For example, in the bathroom the desired floor was not always possible because it was not suitable for wet areas.

With the EGGER PRO staircase system, which is also available as laminate flooring in the four Overall decors, it is possible to have the same decor across the whole home.

The new EGGER PRO collection now offers the perfect solution as four Overall decors are available: robust Laminate flooring, quiet Comfort flooring and moisture-resistant Design flooring. The same decor creates a cosy ambience in the bedroom, ensures water resistance in the bathroom, and robustness in the hallway.

Discover the decors

  • Moisture-resistant EGGER PRO Design flooring for the bathroom
  • EPD027 Natural Waltham Oak PRO Design flooring

For rooms with heavy use, including wet areas

The EGGER Design Flooring is an extremely resilient floor that is both water and micro scratch resistant. Our Design flooring is the right choice for high traffic areas, such as hallways, kitchens and bathrooms. The unique SelfRepair effect gives the floor a special memory function that ensures the flooring will look as good over time as the day it was installed.

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  • EGGER PRO Comfort flooring with natural warmth from cork
  • EPC001 Natural Waltham Oak PRO Comfort flooring
  • The most comfortable floor for the bedroom

For rooms where peace and comfort is sought

In the bedroom, where you like to walk barefoot, or in the nursery, where the floor is also a play area, a warm floor covering with sound insulation is worth its weight in gold.

Thanks to integrated cork layers, Comfort flooring feels pleasant underfoot and is quieter and softer than laminate, helping you relax.

Discover the benefits of Comfort flooring

  • High-quality laminate flooring is very hard-wearing
  • Natural Waltham Oak
  • Laminate for everyday life

For rooms where the floor must be robust and easy to clean

Wherever everyday life takes place, a floor is needed that is both durable and easy to care for. EGGER PRO Laminate flooring offers the best price-performance ratio for larger surfaces. Thanks to its anti-static properties, the floor is especially suitable for high traffic areas.

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Match the stairs to your floor

Thanks to the EGGER PRO staircase system, you can design the stairs in the same decor as the rest of the interior to achieve a consistent look. The sturdy PRO staircase system is available in the four Overall decors.
Quiet Comfort flooring, classic Laminate flooring or robust Design flooring can be used to create a harmonious living space.

We show you how to use laminate for the stairs renovatio

The EGGER PRO staircase system allows easy stair renovation using laminate

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