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A modern kitchen with the distinctive and timeless combination of white and wood

Benešov (CZ)

A spacious kitchen rendered in a minimalist, natural style with natural materials never gets old.

The investor wished to design the interior of this house for a family with three small children in a simple style using wood and industrial elements. The requirement for a large, spacious kitchen, which is intended to serve as the heart of the entire home, was also based on that. The kitchen is dominated by a large kitchen wall unit with a work island. The front surfaces in the kitchen, without any handles, have been designed in white, which blends naturally into the entire interior. The oak countertop, which forms a kind of inserted cube along with the sides and the rear wall, contrasts naturally with the bright white.

The H1180 ST37 Natural Halifax Oak decor used on the countertop, the rear panel and the sides goes perfectly with the W1100 PM PerfectSence Matt Alpine White decor and provides a hint of luxury. The PerfectSense Matt lacquered panels have a deep matt finish, while the special surface eliminates any undesirable fingerprints and significantly reduces the time needed for cleaning. In line with the latest minimalist trends, this material creates a fashionable, warm appearance and a pleasant feel which begs to be touched, but without the need to fear any messy smears and fingerprints, even in a white kitchen.

Executed by:

Customer / Builder:

A private investor


Šárka Horáková, montesara interiors


IQ kuchyně

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Illustration credits:

© photo Petr Hoffelner


All shown decors are reproductions.