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Single-familiy house

Bad Camberg (DE)

A house in just eleven weeks

Use of the EGGER DHF boards in the construction of a low-energy home
This new, energy-efficient family home in dry construction was erected quickly by Russ Holzbau. Following the start of installation at the end of May 2013, the construction project was divided into three building sections - the living section, the bedroom section and the guest house as well as garage for agricultural equipment.
The build was completed within 11 weeks, including prefabrication, on-site installation and interior work. With a thickness of 15 mm (0.59”), the EGGER DHF boards used in the project are ideal for the prefabricated wall and roof elements of the low-energy home thanks to their vapour permeable and moisture-resistant characteristics.

Implemented by:


Enders Architekt, Hochhaim am Main (DE),


Wood construction: Russ Holzbau, Mittenaar (DE),

Statics: Dipl.-Ing. Engel, Haiger




All shown decors are reproductions.