Your Apprenticeship

We look for transformers!
Exceed your own limits and learn from real experts. Through our apprenticeship scheme we train talented people to become skilled workers in a range of different areas.
We help you to shape your future.

Power Aces

Our Electricians assemble, install, maintain and repair our electrical plant, machines and equipment. In the case of breakdowns you need to be skilled, fast and efficient, able to diagnose problems, and find solutions as soon as possible.
Do you have what it takes to be an apprentice electrician? If so, join us!

People of Steel

Our Mechanical Fitters produce and assemble machine parts; they are responsible for the commissioning, maintenance and installation of machinery. During this apprenticeship, you will build, weld, plan, process and repair. Don't worry, you don't have to be a superhero… but we do like super apprentices!

Quick Thinkers

Are you a quick thinker when it comes to the business world? Then you are the right person for us! As an international company, EGGER offers apprenticeships for talented people in Business Administration positions including Customer Services, Technical Purchasing, Logistics and Accounts. At EGGER you get to work in the support functions which allow many of our business processes to happen. Show us how good your business awareness is.

Lab Stars

Our Laboratory Technicians help carry out product and quality tests, research and investigations. As an apprentice lab technician, you might help collect and analyse samples, set up experiments or record and present data. If you have an interest in science and technical matters, pride yourself on your accuracy and attention to detail, you could be a good fit for this role.