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News> EGGER flooring helps Wyder reach new heights!

EGGER flooring helps Wyder reach new heights!

EGGER flooring helps Wyder reach new heights!

Wyder, which celebrates its 10th anniversary next year, has expanded its production facilities on-site by creating a 280 sq.m mezzanine level using EGGER OSB HDX boards to house modern, spacious offices for its growing workforce.

Dave Williams, Company Director at Wyder Engineered Timber Systems, said: “We specified EGGER OSB HDX panels to create the substrate floor for the mezzanine level because of its performance. The panels are denser and stronger than traditional 38mm chipboard and offer superior insulation and sound reduction from the factory noise below.”

Produced using a special recipe, EGGER OSB HDX is a game changer for those involved in mezzanine flooring projects.  The new 30mm structural flooring board is ideal for use in industrial, commercial and warehouse flooring applications – being wider, lighter and stronger than conventional 38mm boards, as well as having higher load points and UDLs.

EGGER OSB HDX is a 2400mm x 675mm board with a tongue and groove on the two long edges.  Against a typical 38mm chipboard equivalent with a 600mm width, the user gets just over 11% more coverage per panel.  Despite this extra width, it is around 20% lighter than 38mm chipboard making it easier to manoeuvre and quicker to fit.  The low swelling properties of OSB HDX means the board is less likely to pick up moisture that can lead to uneven floors, which is another added benefit to the installer.

To find out more about EGGER OSB HDX, contact the EGGER building products hotline on 0845 602 4444, e-mail or visit

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