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The wood we require

The wood we use

Sustainability is a core value at EGGER and we are committed to the responsible use of wood.

  • Dry Fibre System

    Dry Fibre System

    EGGER pioneered dry fibre purchasing in the UK over 15 years ago, enabling us to plan our requirements for wood fibre more accurately.

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Quality is central to our operations and the following materials are used in our production process:

  • Sawdust


    Fresh and clean softwood sawdust, from the sawmilling process, is used to create a smooth and clean surface layer for our wood-based materials.

  • woodchips_337x200.jpg


    Another product from sawmilling, these are milled down into smaller chips and are used in the core layer.

  • Roundwood


    The portion of a harvested conifer tree not used for sawmilling (also known as small or industrial roundwood or chipwood) is ideally suited to our process. Roundwood is flaked for use in the core layer.

  • Slabwood


    Slabwood is chipped and then directed through the hackchip route to be used in the core layer.

  • Recycled Wood Fibre

    Recycled Wood Fibre

    Grade A and B recycled wood is sourced from both commercial wood waste and civic amenity sites, through our dedicated recycled wood processing company EGGER Timberpak Limited.