We purchase over 1.2 million tonnes of wood fibre material per annum for use in our particle board manufacturing process.

Wood fibre raw materials consist of roundwood from the forest, sawdust and hackchips from the sawmills and recycled material from civic amenity sites, demolition activities etc.

Our total catchment area for virgin fibre covers Scotland and North England and in the case of recycled covers most of the UK mainland.


The involvement of our partners in the value chain is not only a Group philosophy, but is also a part of the sustainable and integrated process undertaken by our wood purchasing department.

Sustainable forest management is a top priority at EGGER. All the timber used for the production of chipboard is sourced from sustainably managed forests under either FSC® or PEFC® certification. The wood we use is derived from forest, sawmills and recycling companies.

Innovation is the key to our long term success, and the drive for continual improvement of information flow with our partners

Portal - CoSeLigna
Via the CoseLigna portal, we provide our supply partners with the relevant data in digital form with regards to deliveries and self-bill invoicing. EGGER is an active member of the Working Group ELDAT KWF and works at the European standard Papinet.

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  • Industrial Roundwood
    We purchase roundwood of various species for use in the production of chipboard.
  • Sawmill Products
    We purchase hackchips, sawdust, slabwood and offcuts to be used in our production process.
  • Recycled
    We source both post-consumer and pre-consumer recycled material of various grades from private wood waste processors and civic amenity sites.