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Recycling services

Recycling Services

Recycling services

With our parent company EGGER being the largest user of recycled timber in the UK panel industry, we have an on-going requirement for waste wood.

We provide continuity and reliability for our customers, whether you are a large furniture group, a civic amenity site, an industrial user, or a waste management company.

Material groups – What you need to know

  • Grade A - For all packaging wood, items used to contain, support, carry, enclose, wrap or protect.

    From construction, manufacturing, distribution, warehousing and engineering
  • Grade AC - For all pre consumer sold and man-made wood items from the manufacturing process (no MDF)
  • Grade B - For all solid untreated natural timber products from construction sites, demolition companies, skip firms or transfer stations
  • Grade C - For all mixes wood sources natural and man-made (no MDF)
  • Grade CA - For all waste wood from civic amenity sites
  • View the Timberpak Material Specification Sheet (PDF) for more details.

Material Acceptance

Material acceptance - Bring your own waste wood

For those customers who wish to bring their own waste wood to our sites.

Please check the accepted material types: Timberpak Material Specification Sheet (PDF)

Collection service

A fleet of specialist vehicles collect from customer sites along the M62 corridor, across the North East and from the central belt of Scotland. These vehicles include hook loader, waste ejector and curtain sided vehicles.

We collect all waste wood within a 25 mile radius of each or our Timberpak sites. We can also arrange collection of palletised bulky waste wood nationwide through our third party hauliers.

Please check the accepted material types: Timberpak Material Specification Sheet (PDF)
Timberpak collection service