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Timberpak and the environment

Timberpak and the environment

Timberpak and the environment

100% assurance that nothing goes to landfill. We manage waste in a sustainable way through recycling and re-use.
Our closed-loop cycle of production benefits the environment through the efficient use of wood materials, watch our video to find out more:

Timberpak, as part of the EGGER Group, pursues a far reaching environmental policy.

Managing waste in a sustainable way, optimising recycling and re-use, as well as limiting production, forms part of the Government policy to protect the environment.

*Established from the greenhouse potential of the EGGER EPDs (GWP 100 in kg CO2 equivalent, cradle-to-grave) on the basis of the production figures 2013/2014)
**An average European household with four people generates approximately 5.7 tonnes of CO2 per year, source: according to EUROSTAT 22/2011.

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Waste hierarchy

Sending timber waste to landfill should be the last option. Not only is it increasingly expensive but re-use and recycling are much more sustainable methods.

Whereas burning wood releases CO2, chipboard production locks carbon away for the lifetime of the product and adds value to the wood.