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Two IQR shredders for Timberpak Washington

Last year, we had to replace our ageing Doppstadt AK430 shredder used in the production of the fuel we supply to EGGER Hexham.

We decided to install another IQR Flex Hammer 1800. This made perfect sense to us as the IQR has proven to be a very reliable machine, so to have two machines the same has given us the capacity we require to futureproof our shredding ability. Having spares that can fit either shredder has also improved flexibility in our shredding ability both with the volumes that we can produce as well as allowing us to have a planned maintenance programme for both shredders.

Mark Hayton, Director of Timberpak Ltd, said: “The shredder is an integral part of what Timberpak does on site, so it’s vital that we have a reliable machine to use in order to cope with the huge capacity required. We’re sure that the new IQR will successfully allow us to supply the ever-growing needs of EGGER Hexham.”

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