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Timberpak Scotland continues to expand

  • Timberpak Scotland expansion begins
  • Timberpak Scotland expansion ongoing
  • Timberpak Scotland continues to expland

Since its establishment in 2000, Timberpak has been growing at a remarkable rate. However, operations have been taking place within the same yard space – but not for any longer …

Timberpak Scotland was founded back in 2010, receiving its first load of wood early in 2011.

Over the past seven years we have invested in site machinery, replaced and expanded the haulage fleet, and increased our site throughput. During this time we have worked within the same yard area, utilising this space to its fullest extent during our busy summer period.

With this limitation in mind, we began to look at expanding our yard back in 2015. Happily, we secured the appropriate permissions in 2016 and the relevant funding for the project at the end of 2017.

Earlier this year building contractors started work on our 1,900 m2 yard extension project.

The new yard area will house a new picking station, as well as a dedicated area to process low grade material. The new area will also allow for the tipping of more wagons.

Gordon Argo, Operations Manager at Timberpak Scotland commented: “This yard extension will be a great help for our customers, as it will help with on-site turnaround times. It will also enable us to handle increased volume on site.

“Both of which are particularly beneficial at our busiest periods of the year but also in general, as we are processing increasing volumes of wood waste at Timberpak Scotland.”