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Shanks and Timberpak partnership goes from strength to strength

At Timberpak a constant supply of wood with a continuity of quality is extremely important to our operation. In return Timberpak offers the assurance of a guaranteed disposal outlet and service that benefits our partners operations. Timberpak therefore naturally place great importance on forging and maintaining strong partnerships with other like-minded organisations.

Left to right: Hana Bajerova and Helen Sinton, Operations Manager Timberpak England, check everything is in order

One such example is our long and successful working partnership with Shanks Waste Management to service Wakefield Borough Council’s civic amenity sites wood waste disposal needs.

In April this year the existing agreement terms were up for review and it was agreed by Shanks, Wakefield Council and Timberpak that due to the successful nature of the partnership a further year’s extension was a natural course of action.

Out of that review it was felt by all parties that, if terms were acceptable, a longer term agreement would be preferred. Long-term agreements are a key element of Timberpak’s ongoing strategy, so we were delighted to have the opportunity to continue this successful partnership and have the value of our service recognised.

It is with great pleasure that we can now announce that Timberpak will continue to work with Shanks Waste Management in partnership with Wakefield Borough Council by providing a wood recycling solution for a further 5 years.

Hana Bajerova, Resource and Recovery Executive of Shanks Waste Management said, “We are extremely pleased with the partnership we have developed with Timberpak and are very happy that they can continue to offer the professional standard of service we require.”